As you move through life at a million miles an hour, health and fitness often falls by the wayside in favour of more urgent work and family commitments. But as we all know, this lifestyle catches up eventually and all of a sudden you may have lost the physique, energy and confidence that seemed to come so naturally in your youth.
Code 5 was purpose built to help locals rediscover their mojo through world-class programming, highly experienced trainers, personalised nutrition advice and most importantly, an engaged community. We specialise in body transformations, helping members achieve their goals through training, education and nutrition guidance.
Established in 2014, Code 5 has grown rapidly with the unwavering support of its members and plans to grow further with the overall objective of helping 30,000 people lose over 5 kilos and keep it off. The 5 codes that we have instilled as the pillars of our gym are teamwork, gratitude, community, accountability and to celebrate success.


We look forward to seeing you in the gym and LIVING THE CODE!


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